Install the WIFI driver for Ourlink AC600 USB Dongle on Ubuntu 20

    It took me a lot of time to figure this out and I thought I would share it with everyone. The driver provided for Linux by Ourlink may not work with the newer versions of Ubuntu. In this article, I am gonna explain how to install the driver and get it working on Ubuntu (I verified on the LTS version).

    Open the terminal and run these commands.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt install build-essential git dkms

    Now, to download the driver, clone

    [Solved] URL not found (404): Googlebot not finding dynamic routes in a React application served using Amazon S3 and CloudFront

    Google search console URL not found screen

    You find out that Amazon S3 allows you to host a static website, CloudFront provides an amazing and insanely cheap CDN, and Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) provides free public SSL certificates for your websites. You sign-up for AWS and get a 1-year free trial. Basically, one year of free static website hosting. Now, all you need is a static website that acts dynamic (with client side navigation, API fetches, etc.). You love and are good at React and think why not leverage your knowledge to

    [Solved] Strange encoding in text files uploaded to S3

    I encountered this issue while creating an application that used Amazon S3 as its storage solution. This was a strange one.

    Issue Description

    So... I was trying to leverage DynamoDB's non-expiring free-tier limit to store and retrieve text data. But the problem with DynamoDB is, 1 "write capacity" only allows creating/writing rows (items) with the maximum size of 1KB. I wanted to use as fewer write capacities as possible for my application. So, I decided to store just the metadata in DynamoDB and the actual large chunk of texts in S3. The plan was to use Amazon Lambda to retrieve metadata from DynamoDB and use those metadat

    Calculate cosine similarities between queries and documents


    In our previous post, we discussed about tf-df vectors and how to calculate them. Until now, we learned what term frequency and inverse document frequency are, how they impact the relevancy of a document, and how we can calculate them. Now let’s learn how to calculate cosine similarities between queries and documents, and documents and documents.

    How to calculate tf-idf vectors


    We discussed briefly about the vector space models and TF-IDF in our previous post. In short, TF (Term Frequency) means the number of times a term appears in a given document. IDF (Inverse Document Frequency) means number of documents in which the term appears at least once out of all the documents in the corpus (collection). In the case of IDF, the less documents a term appears in, the more relevant that term becomes.

    Vector Space Model (TF-IDF Weighting)



    Brief Introduction

    Vector space model or term vector model is an algebraic model for representing text documents (and any objects, in general) as vectors of identifiers. The representation of a set of documents as vectors in a common vector space is known as the vector space model. It is fundamental to a host of information retrieval operations ranging from scoring documents on a query, document classification and document clustering. It is used in information filtering, information ret

    How to upload a file in Cloudant Nosql DB using python-flask?


    In this article I am going to explain how to upload a file in Cloudant Nosql DB using python-flask. Furthermore, I am also going to explain how to delete, download and list the files in the Nosql database. If you already know how to store file in bluemix storage using python, then this might be a bit easier. If not, you can read the article here.

    First of all, you install cloudant package for your python

    pip i

    How to store file in bluemix storage using python


    Python cloudant

    “Cloud” is a big name nowadays and rightfully so. It provides scalability, is economic (pay-per-use and reduced capital cost), flexible, globalization, reduced cost for technical infrastructures, and numerous other benefits.

    One of the most common uses of “Clouds”, is shared or backup storage. A number of services provide free (limited) storage, and several provide an easy to use, comfortable interface, such as a folder (subdirectory) on your desktop where you may drop file t

    Two-finger scrolling : This is how you enable it in mint


    two-finger scrolling

    You buy a laptop, install linux mint or any cinnamon desktop, and you realise that the two-finger scrolling is not working. It can be quite frustrating at times. Especially when you have been using that feature for some time. But did you know, the feature in inbuilt in linux mint, just not activated by default?

    It is very easy to make two-finger scrolling active.

    Step 1:

    Go to “Menu” on the bottom left of the window. Click on “Administration” o

    Youtube subscribers : This is how you can view who subscribed to your channel


    You want to know who follows you, likes you and subscribes you, right? How did I know? Aw, I do the same too. Everyone does. This applies both in real world and in virtual world. But in this article, I am going to write specifically about youtube.

    Youtube is one of the best if not the best platform to showcase your creativity. You can get hundreds of millions of potential viewers for your videos. As any other creator in the world, you also need an audience. Otherwise where’s the fun right?

    But sometimes we want to know who and how many youtube subscribers are added to our channel. Especially during the beginning phase

    How to instantly know when your favourite person tweets



    Image Source : Andrew Mager – Flickr – link

    Ever got fed up with twitter just storming your wall with tweets you do not care about?

    We all feel that way. Even though we follow numerous accounts, we are biased towards some more than others. We want to see their tweets as soon as they post it. We don’t want to miss their tweets.

    Did you know has that T

    How to send email using PHP via “sendmail” from localhost (XAMPP)


    Xampp has sendmail included in its package. You can download the whole XAMPP package from this link. After You have installed the XAMPP into your windows. Sendmail itself cannot send emails. It needs some mail servers like gmail. Follow following steps :

    Step 1:

    Go to the XAMPP folder (wherever you have installed it). In my case, it is “C:/Xampp”. Inside that folder there must be a folder called “sendmail” if you have selected it to be installed while installing xampp. Go inside that folder and open the file “sendmail.ini” in a te

    Ever wondered how data compressions work?


    how compression works

    All of us who use computers have used data compression, whether doing it ourselves or using a compressed file. Sometimes the compressed data or files are apparent while sometimes do not seem that way. For example, when you see a zip folder, you know there is data compressed in it. But when you see an image or a video, you don’t even notice or care to notice that those images and videos are compressed at all. That is the gist of compression – it shouldn’t seem like it has been com

    ...And he broke his abstinence


    He had been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. He wouldn’t even eat a chicken flavored noodles (which doesn’t even have actual chicken). He would cook and eat separately when we decided to eat meat at home. He eats egg though.

    And one day, we went to McDonald’s. He bought an Egg McMuffin, and a large-fries. We were all having McChickens. He started eating his McMuffin. He had probably had one or two bites until one of us noticed a slice of meat in between the buns. Turns out McMuffin has pork in it.

    Hence the title.

    Starting the blog


    cout << “Hello World!!!”<<endl;

    printf (“Hello World!!!”);

    System.out.println(“Hello World!!!”);

    print “Hello World!!!”

    This is my first post on this website. Welcome everyone.