How to instantly know when your favourite person tweets


Image Source : Andrew Mager – Flickr – link

Ever got fed up with twitter just storming your wall with tweets you do not care about?

We all feel that way. Even though we follow numerous accounts, we are biased towards some more than others. We want to see their tweets as soon as they post it. We don’t want to miss their tweets.

Did you know has that Twitter has the feature available to all its users? I will be showing you a very simple way that enables you to never miss out on the tweets of your favourite person.

Follow these simple steps :

Step 1:

Login to twitter. Go to the person’s account you want to enable instant notification on for.

Step 2:


If you are on mobile and using official twitter app, you just click/tap on the star button on the top left of the person’s twitter page.


If you are on laptop, click on the gear button on the top left and then click on “Turn on mobile notification”.

Voila! Now you will be instantly prompted if the person posts anything new.