Youtube subscribers : This is how you can view who subscribed to your channel

You want to know who follows you, likes you and subscribes you, right? How did I know? Aw, I do the same too. Everyone does. This applies both in real world and in virtual world. But in this article, I am going to write specifically about youtube.

Youtube is one of the best if not the best platform to showcase your creativity. You can get hundreds of millions of potential viewers for your videos. As any other creator in the world, you also need an audience. Otherwise where’s the fun right?

But sometimes we want to know who and how many youtube subscribers are added to our channel. Especially during the beginning phase of our youtube-content-creator journey.

Many of us don’t realise but it is quite easy. You can easily see who subscribed to your channel and when by following these simple steps :

Step 1: Login to your youtube channel


Step 2: Click on the channel image on top right corner of your page and click on “Creator studio”




Step 5: Now you can see your youtube subscribers list. Congratulations!


This video explains these steps clearly