Ever wondered how data compressions work?


All of us who use computers have used data compression, whether doing it ourselves or using a compressed file. Sometimes the compressed data or files are apparent while sometimes do not seem that way. For example, when you see a zip folder, you know there is data compressed in it. But when you see an image or a video, you don’t even notice or care to notice that those images and videos are compressed at all. That is the gist of compression – it shouldn’t seem like it has been compressed. JPEG is an extremely popular type of image compression technique and so are PNG, MP3, MP4 or MKVs.


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…. and his abstinence was broken.

He had been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. He wouldn’t even eat a chicken flavored noodle (which doesn’t even have actual chicken). He would cook and eat separately when we decided to eat meat at home. He eats egg though.

And one day, he went to McDonald’s with us. Bought an egg mcmuffin and a large-fries. We were all having McChickens. He started eating his McMuffin. He had had one or two bites until one of us noticed a slice of meat in between the buns. Turns out McMuffin has bacon in it.

Thus the title.

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