Nepal: Some things you should know about


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“Nepal is the country of Everest and Lord Buddha.”
“It has some of the highest mountain in the world. Eight out of 14 eight-thousanders are located here.”
“Kathmandu is known as City of Temple. There are three UN cultaral heritages in Kathmandu itself.”
These are widely known and we all take pride in that. But did you know there are a lot of other facts about Nepal that are equally pride-worthy.


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…. and his abstinence was broken.

He had been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. He wouldn’t even eat a chicken flavored noodle (which doesn’t even have actual chicken). He would cook and eat separately when we decided to eat meat at home. He eats egg though.

And one day, he went to McDonald’s with us. Bought an egg mcmuffin and a large-fries. We were all having McChickens. He started eating his McMuffin. He had had one or two bites until one of us noticed a slice of meat in between the buns. Turns out McMuffin has bacon in it.

Thus the title.

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