How to instantly know when your favourite person tweets


Image Source : Andrew Mager – Flickr – link

Ever got fed up with twitter just storming your wall with tweets you do not care about?

We all feel that way. Even though we follow numerous accounts, we are biased towards some more than others. We want to see their tweets as soon as they post it. We don’t want to miss their tweets.

Did you know twitter has that facility available to all its users? I will be showing you a very simple way that enables you to never miss out on the tweets of your favourite person.


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How to send email using PHP via “sendmail” from localhost (XAMPP)

Xampp has sendmail included in its package. You can download the whole XAMPP package from this link. After You have installed the XAMPP into your windows. Sendmail itself cannot send emails. It needs some mail servers like gmail. Follow following steps :

Step 1:

Go to the XAMPP folder (wherever you have installed it). In my case, it is “C:/Xampp”. Inside that folder there must be a folder called “sendmail” if you have selected it to be installed while installing xampp. Go inside that folder and open the file “sendmail.ini” in a text editor.


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Oscar Nomination Out for 2016. Which movie is your favorite?

Finally. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released the Oscar nominations for 2016. The favorite award among all is of course the Academy Awards for best picture. Below is the complete list with little synopsis for each movie :

The Revenant

Having already received Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture (Drama), The Revenant is arguably the strongest contender for the Oscars this year. This movie has also been nominated for Best Director (Alejandro Iñárritu again!), Best Actor (might finally be THE year for Leonardo Dicaprio), Best Supporting Actor (Tom Hardy) among 9 other nominations. This movie is about the struggle and revenge of a person who is betrayed and left for dead after being mauled by a bear.


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Ever wondered how data compressions work?


All of us who use computers have used data compression, whether doing it ourselves or using a compressed file. Sometimes the compressed data or files are apparent while sometimes do not seem that way. For example, when you see a zip folder, you know there is data compressed in it. But when you see an image or a video, you don’t even notice or care to notice that those images and videos are compressed at all. That is the gist of compression – it shouldn’t seem like it has been compressed. JPEG is an extremely popular type of image compression technique and so are PNG, MP3, MP4 or MKVs.


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…. and his abstinence was broken.

He had been a vegetarian for more than 15 years. He wouldn’t even eat a chicken flavored noodle (which doesn’t even have actual chicken). He would cook and eat separately when we decided to eat meat at home. He eats egg though.

And one day, he went to McDonald’s with us. Bought an egg mcmuffin and a large-fries. We were all having McChickens. He started eating his McMuffin. He had had one or two bites until one of us noticed a slice of meat in between the buns. Turns out McMuffin has bacon in it.

Thus the title.

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