About Me


“Here would go a nice, catchy, deep quote expressing how great of a thinker I am. Shame, I couldn’t think of any such to put down.”

Name : Ishwor Timilsina
Age : 25
Citizen : Nepali
Highest Education Level: Master’s Degree (Computer Science)

I am a software developer experienced in designing and developing web based applications. I have strong background in front-end and full-stack development environments.  I am well versed in several programming languages including JavaScript (jQuery, React, Redux, React-Native), PHP, and Python.


Programming Languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java (limited)
Libraries and Frameworks: JQuery, ReactJS, Redux, React-Native, D3, ES6, Flask, Laravel, Boto3
Web: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, Ajax, JSON, XML, SOAP, REST
Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, MS-SQL server, NoSQL, MongoDB
Cloud: AWS (EC2, S3, RDS, Memcached), IBM Bluemix(Object Storage)
Environments: LAMP, XAMPP, Node Package Manager(NPM), pip, GIT, Linux, Webpack, NodeJS
CMS: WordPress, Cascade
Other: Photoshop

If you want to know about my professional career and academics, visit my linkedin page. I am also on Github, CodepenFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are links to some of my hobby projects:

Personal : timilsinasumit@gmail.com