Some mind blowing facts that you probably didn’t know

A bowl of apple seeds could kill an average person. So much for “one apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.


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Giraffes can last longer than camel without drinking water.


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Apples, potatoes and onions taste the same. It’s their smell that gives us the sensation of different tastes.


The city of New York paid $5 millions in 1854 for the land which is now Central Park. Today, it is worth $530 billion dollars.. Talk about investments now.

central_park_Steve_ Jurvetson

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The skin of a honey badger is so thick, it can withstand machete, arrows and even spheres. You would have to shoot it to kill it. Damn!

honey badger

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The youngest mother ever was Lina Medina. She gave birth to a boy at the age of 5 years and 7 months. **JAW DROPS**

lina medina

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(left person of the image is cut to avoid the nudity)

Statistically, you are more likely to die on the way to buy a lottery ticket than to win the lottery itself.


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In New Jersey, it is illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a murder.

new jersey

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